What I do best

To increase the quality of products, service, guests treatment and experience in all Hospitality Operations. My experience shows that businesses that succeed are often very goal- concious, structured and have a good understanding that changes in results require a change of thinking. This is basically about knowing where you want to go and doing what it takes to get there in the most efficient way.


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key elements!


How to work more efficiently and organised. Example work techniques and bar layout. Mis en place.


To further develop your own knowledge and skills. Importance of product knowledge etc. Knowledge = trust = Great hosts.


To understand the customer / guest


Respect the customer, interact and overcome


Give and stand for what you promise


selling the right product to the right guest at the right time at the right price. Good customer experiences are not just about discounts and offers but to be able to achieve long - term loyal relationships with the customer by giving them a value

I can help with

Great Hosts, Sales, Service and Guest Relations

Good hosts make up the difference between a good and a great experience.

Good hosting is the most important part of the sale.

Look at your customers as guests.

Take ownership and love what you do!

Bar and wine courses

Make drink and wine list’s that suits you business and goes well with your menus

Examples from different classes:

Introduction to tasting wine and spirits.

Basic Wine. Basic Fortified Wines. Basic Liquor / Spirits. Basic Beer. Basic Food & Wine Combined. Basic World of Wine Countries.

For more «depth diving» in the different wine producing countries, wine regions, or wine, fortified wines and liquor types, or maybe you want to know more about all the fantastic beer styles?  Please contact me for more details.

Work techniques

Product knowledge

Knowledge about drinks

Techniques to increase sales

Together we can tailor this to your need

Recruitment and temporary agency services

There may be different reasons why a company wishes to staff or raise labor for a period, whether it is seasonal fluctuations, projects, illness or leave. By hiring extra labor for a shorter or longer period, you’re showing as a leader that you want to take care of your permanent employees.